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American Baby Names – Give Your Baby A Touch of The Red, White, And Blue

Are you an All-American, and you want to give your baby a touch of American in their name? American baby names are popular around the world, with many of them having their roots in distant countries. With America being the true melting pot of the world, our names are diverse, interesting, and fun. How are you going to find names which give that touch of red, white, and blue?

The starting point can be found by checking out the list our own Social Security Department has put together. They have created a list of the most popular baby names in the USA for each year, and decade, going back for over a century. This list is created from all of the reported births in the USA. It is a fun place to look, where you will discover many great names.

Another fun way to choose names is to look in our own history books. Think about the men and women in the USA who have left an indelible mark in history. People like John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Benjamin Franklin, Oprah Winfrey, Amelia Earhart, or Rosa Parks. While not every one will agree with each person’s role in history, we all recognize them as important figures in time. When you use names from our heroes and heroines, you carry on a rich American tradition.

Another way to find names with a touch of American influence to use in your list of American baby names is to look at important historical documents. For a boy, pour over the names of the Declaration of Independence. Those names are some of the most powerful legends in our history, men who put their lives on the line to create a new country.

For women, check into the records and documents from the Suffrage Movement. Women like Jane Addams and Susan B. Anthony. These women left a powerful mark in the history of our country, changing it forever.

You do not need to look back in history to find American baby names either. You can look at our TV, movie stars, and athletes today. When you discover an actor, actress, or athlete who displays all the characteristics which make you proud to be an American, put their name on your list.

Have you seen Olympic athletes who made a lasting impression on you. Athletes who poured their heart and soul out to win a gold medal for themselves and their country. They stand in tears watching as the American flag is raised and they hear the national anthem. You can imagine your baby growing up to be an American hero just like them. What a great tribute, and way to find a name worthy of your baby.

By following these few simple ideas, you can create a list of dozens of great names which are steeped in the rich history of the USA. You will quickly have American baby names you love and find the one you wish to keep for your new baby.

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