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Baby Capsule – Is It All About Safety or Memories?

Have you noticed how a simple phrase can have dramatically different meaning in two different English speaking countries? In Australia, a baby capsule is all about the safety of your baby. It is the car seat you use to secure you baby, and make sure they are safe during the ride. In the USA, mention baby capsule, and people are going to start thinking about a time capsule to preserve memories of their infant. Which kind of capsule do you need?

Choosing a baby car seat, or baby capsule, is serious business. Do not get caught up in looking at the design, the characters, and all the other pretty decorations. The only three things which really matter are the safety of the seat, the comfort of your baby, and the ease of use.

Make sure and verify the seat exceeds all regulatory requirements. Check on testing done on the seat, and go with the safest seats you can find. This it the main job, and the one most critical to you.

The second item on your list for buying a baby capsule should be looking at the comfort for your baby. Are the straps wide and comfortable? Does it offer a soft all natural fiber cover to keep their skin dry and feeling good? Is there a sun cover to protect their eyes. Check the angles the car seat will sit at, and verify it looks comfortable for the ride.

The third item is all about your convenience. Getting a car seat which uses a base is the best choice. It makes it easy to get the baby capsule in and out of the car. You can easily carry it into your home, get the baby ready inside, then carry them out to the car with the baby already strapped in. Just snap the seat in place, and head on your way.

Furthering the convenience comes by choosing a travel system. This will give you a stroller which allows you to snap the car seat into it, and then take off. You will never need to take the baby in and out of the baby capsule when you are running into the mall. Just put the capsule into the stroller and start shopping.

What if you were looking for the other kind of baby capsule? You can find some great kits online for creating a time capsule to hold all the memories of your baby. Grab some of the best pictures, a copy of the birth certificate, hand and foot prints, and then seal them up. You can choose to put them away in a safe place, a safety box at the bank, or even bury them in the yard. In 18 to 20 years you and your child can dig up the baby capsule and look at all the memories together. It can be great fun.

Is a baby capsule all about safety or memories? It is about both. The baby capsule you use in your car helps you keep having memories of happiness and joy, even if you are in a minor accident. Without a good car seat, the memories would all be of sorrow, and remorse.

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