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Baby Crying For No Reason – How Sure Are You?

If you listen to mothers talk one of the common statements is about their baby crying for no reason. It is time to break the bad news to you. Your baby is not crying for no reason. It is just a reason we do not understand.

Which is a more comforting thought to you, knowing your baby is crying for no reason, or knowing your baby has a reason, but you do not know it? Hopefully you chose not knowing the reason, because it is the answer which leads to action and results.

You obviously have already taken care of all the important factors. Your baby is fed, has a dry diaper, has been burped, and is not being irritated by clothing problems. This is why you probably feel your baby is crying for no reason. The good news, do not worry about the reason, just take some simple steps and see if you can soothe them and bring the crying to a stop.

The first place you may wish to start is with trying one more time to burp your baby. Even when we have been very careful to burp our babies after feeding more gas develops and they begin to feel uncomfortable. This is a quick and easy item to get out of the way.

The next step is start establishing some comfortable control. Your baby being upset just gets amplified when they are allowed to wildly throw their arms and legs around. Wrap them up snugly in a swaddling blanket and make them feel safe and secure.

Is your baby acting hungry even if you just fed them? It might not be hunger but a strong desire for more sucking. This is the time to get the pacifier and let them suck to their hearts content. If your breast milk or bottle flow is too fast your baby may feel unsatisfied even if they are full.

Since we are not too worried about the cause at this point, the next step is to give our baby some motion. If you are not busy, walk with your baby, rock them, gently bounce them, or sway them in your arms. The motion is very comforting and calms most babies. If you are needing to work on other items around the house use a powered baby bouncer or baby swing to give them motion. Make sure they are wrapped up, and have their pacifier.

Music, shushing, white noise, or the sounds of nature can all be used to give your baby aural stimulation which may help to calm them and eliminate their crying. You will need to play with different sounds to see what works for your baby. Almost every baby responds to the shushing sounds.

While a baby crying for no reason is not likely, it is time to quit worrying about it. Instead of trying to ferret out the reason, just take action to calm them. Just make sure to double check all your obvious items one last time.

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