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Baby, Infants, and Toddlers – Are Your Running Shoes Ready For The Chase?

Does your home have a baby, infants, or toddlers? Those first few months when your baby does not move around is filled with anticipation for rolling, crawling, and walking. Be careful what you wish for, your life is about to change dramatically.

Just think how cute your little baby is laying quietly in the their crib. You can put them on a play mat on the floor and everything in the room is safe. Their movement is limited to grabbing for the toys on the mobile. Then the changes begin.

You are watching your baby playing on the floor and they roll over. You get so excited to see them starting to move. You are hoping to see them start rolling over more often and start getting mobile. It sounds like so much fun.

A month later your baby is rolling over and over, and getting from one place to another. Suddenly you need to put up barricades to keep them in the middle of the room and away from hitting their heads on the furniture. It is just beginning.

Baby, infants, and toddlers all have one thing in common. When they learn to get around nothing is safe. Now your infant is starting to scoot, roll, and go right over the top of your little pillow barricades. You look away for a moment and they are pulling magazines off of the shelf on the coffee table. They found the one piece of popcorn that escaped last night. It is still fun, you just start making sure things are put away a little better.

At about 1 year old, your baby becomes a toddler and is up and moving. You discover your toddler getting into everything, and moving quickly whenever you turn your head. You watch them playing at the entertainment center, then they start to climb it. You spring out of your chair, sprinting the 4 steps to grab them. Your rest time is now officially over. Your toddler is going to have you racing for the next couple of years.

Just remember, you wished for it. You wanted to see the fun of a mobile baby, infants, and toddlers, and now you have it. The kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, and every spot below 3 foot high is suddenly a target for little hands.

It is time to head to the hardware store and buy locks for all the cupboards. You need to pickup protective plugs for all the electrical outlets. Those chemicals you kept under the bathroom and kitchen sink need to head out to a high shelf in the garage. You used to own a home, now your house belongs to the baby, infants, and toddlers. Don’t worry, only 17 to 18 more years and they will return your home to you. Until then, you will be finding new ways to take care of all the challenges of having a mobile child. Your life is now going to be filled with races, challenges, and exciting play. It is worth every moment. Congratulations, your dreams have come true.

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