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Baby Movie – Do Not Miss Out on Catching Your Baby in Motion

Many parents are great at taking pictures. They have their computers loaded up with digital photographs, and albums full of photos. The only problem is a baby photo only shows a brief outtake of the moment. A baby movie shows the real action, the sounds, and the attitude behind the picture.

The great thing for most parents, the digital camera you are busy using to take photographs with is perfect for making short baby movies. You may need to pull out the manual for your camera to learn how to use the movie feature, but it is a great investment in time. If you think relatives, co-workers, and friends get excited seeing a photo of your new baby online, how do you think they will react to a baby movie?

Do you want an easier way to take your movies and upload them? One of the easiest cameras to use for making a baby movie is the Flip cameras. These simple camera allow you point, press a button, and start recording. The software which comes with them allows you to quickly and easily upload to YouTube. They come bundled with editing software. Many of us are not interested in uploaded to YouTube, but love to put pictures on Facebook where we digitally meet with our family and friends. The Flip cameras allow you to quickly upload directly to Facebook, too.

Parents are often worried about sending baby movies out to YouTube or Facebook. You are correct to be concerned. You do not want to leave you baby pictures exposed to the general public. You want to reserve the pictures and movies for your friends and family, those people you trust. If you take a look at the privacy controls on almost every photo and video sharing site they allow you to lock the content to being only viewed by your friends. You control who sees the videos or photographs by who you accept and invite as friends.

The software which came with your digital camera, or a Flip camera, will usually let you create DVD discs. This is a great way to backup your baby movie to make sure it is not accidentally deleted, or lost in a hard drive crash. There is a second advantage to putting the movie on a DVD. You will be able to watch your baby movie on your big screen television instead of just a smaller computer screen. A DVD is easy to take along with you to the grandparents home, and most times they have a DVD player. You can show your entire family the latest movies of the new things your baby has been doing at home.

Making a baby movie is not only a great way to capture your baby’s exploits, it is a lot of fun. You are going to have fun shooting the movies, editing them to add titles, and sharing them with family. Get started catching your baby in action today.

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