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Baby Shower Checklist – Make Sure You Are Prepared

Hosting a baby shower is filled with decisions and concerns. You want to make sure the day is perfect and fun for the expectant or new mother. Your mind is going in circles trying to determine if you remembered all the details. Making a simple baby shower checklist can help keep you on track.

What should you include on your baby shower checklist? Here are some of the items to make sure you are taking care of everything:

1. Purchased Invitations
2. Ask for help. Do NOT attempt this on your own. Have other family members and friends help you out.
3. Acquired all the names and addresses of guests.
4. Checked with the mother and father to discover where they have filled out gift registries.
5. Filled out all invitation, addressed envelopes, and mailed at least 2 to 3 weeks prior to shower.
6. Ordered the decorated cake. Make sure to do this at least 2 weeks in advance.
7. Bought ingredients for the punch.
8. Purchase table covers, plates, plastic silverware, cups, and napkins.
9. Order balloon or flower bouquets for decoration. Do this at least 1 week in advance.
10. Check to make sure you have enough tables and chairs for the expected guests.
11. Purchase your gift for the baby shower. (This is easy to forget in your hurrying around.)
12. Plan games for the shower. Guests expect to play games, don’t disappoint them.
13. Buy party favors as gifts for the winners of the games. Keep this simple, or can be simple baby items they can then give to the mother.
14. Plan what you want to say about the mother, father, and the upcoming baby. As the host you are responsible for introductions, and announcements.
15. On the night before, pickup the cake, make the punch and refrigerate, clean the location of the shower, and then get some sleep.
16. Open the door, and have fun.
17. Relax for 30 minutes, then you can clean-up. Job well done.

Before taking this simple baby shower checklist as a guarantee of a successful shower, run through it, modify it, add items you think of, and make changes.

This list is based on the idea the shower is in your home, if you are having it in a restaurant, public facility, or another home, then you need to modify your time schedules to allow for setup on the day of the shower, travel time, and allow for two extra trips between your home and the shower location. Yes, you are going to forget something, plan the extra time.

The perfect shower is not based upon a baby shower checklist, or having everything perfectly done. The best baby showers are filled with accidents, laughter, something missing, friendship, sharing, and love. If you discover you missed something, go with the flow and make a joke about it. Let the party continue on with no added stress on your part. The important thing is everyone coming together to celebrate the birth of the new baby, everything else is just for show.

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