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Baby Shower Favors That Are Cheap To Make Yourself

Cheap baby shower favors are the best idea of honoring a guest that comes in at a baby shower invitation. Guests are the most important part of a baby shower. This gesture needs to be honored by the parents. Although it’s not the gifts that brings the guests in for a baby shower but this would give them a sense of appreciation for they time they spared to attend a baby shower.
Some of us are not that selective while we choose a baby shower favor but the rest spend a lot on these. Though these are just inexpensive gifts but it can turn out to be a quite memorable for the family and the friends. It can be candles, candies, chocolates or potpourri that doesn’t cost much. But the question what can make it look different and unique from the ones available in the market. Or what exactly do you think can make it different from the gifts that people normally get from others. You can use the following easy ideas to create a unique baby shower favor for your family and friends.

⦁ You can create a box filled with chocolates and candies decorated with colorful wrapping papers and ribbons according to the theme selected by you. They can also be wrapped up in a bag with the tags so the guests name.
⦁ You can wrap up cookies or cakes that are shaped up with the help of cookie cutter. For example you can make them in the shape of a duck or teddy bear and then wrap them up in cellophane bags. Tie the bag up with the help of a ribbon according to the theme selected by you. Say for example is the baby is a girl you can tie it up with a purple or pink ribbon or if it is a boy you can tie it up with the blue ribbon.
⦁ You can fill up marshmallows in a basket and wrap it with colored net. The net is tied with the help of ribbon.
⦁ You can create magnet with the name of the baby written on it for the refrigerator.
⦁ You can create bookmarks with decorative candles that have the name of the baby and the name of mommy and the guest.
⦁ You can collect organic bathing soaps shampoos and massage oil in a basket wrapped up in net or cellophane bags stapled with the name tags.
⦁ You can give different bunches of flowers or pot of a small plant in it. You can also hand over potpourri to the guests. You can create a small bunch of flowers according to the theme of the baby shower.
⦁ Scented candle with engraved name is one of the most sophisticated gift item that you can used as a baby shower favor.
These cheap baby shower favor ideas would not cost you much these can be created without spending much on it.

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