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Baby Shower Gift – What Gift Is Most Appreciated By New Parents?

Do you get worried and a little anxious trying to choose the perfect baby shower gift? The most appreciated gift is not always the one you expect. Sometimes they are the ones with a little more thought put behind them.

The best way of choosing baby shower gifts is to find out if the parents created a gift registry somewhere. If so, it will give you some great ideas of what they are looking for. One thing to keep in mind while you are looking at a gift registry, often the parents have put items on the registry just to fill it up. They are looking around the store trying to figure out what to put on the registry. They may be just as confused about what to ask for, as you are trying to determine what to give them. Still, you can use it to generate ideas for your baby shower gift.

The most appreciated gifts may be the hand made, or personalized gifts they receive. These are gifts they would have never been able to list on a gift registry, but touch their hearts because of the personal touch. A good example, a baby blanket with several generations of the family tree, ending at an open spot to add the baby’s name after their birth. Putting the parents names on a tiny t-shirt, with a saying like “John and Jane’s Greatest Treasure”. Any gifts with a personal touch are always appreciated. These are the gifts which get put away after the baby outgrows them to hold onto as keepsakes and for memory chests.

Sometimes the most appreciated gifts are the most mundane, everyday items. If you know the couple is struggling with their budget preparing for their baby they may appreciate a couple bags of diapers as much as any other gift. They know it will let them hold on to some cash after the baby comes, right when they need it the most.

The real secret to choosing the baby shower gift any couple would appreciate most is taking a few extra minutes to think about them, and their situation. If you are buying a gift for a single mother, she may be most concerned about how she is going to get everything done around the house, and have time to take a break for herself on occasion. Along with a simple gift, you could give her an emergency “Call For Help” card. Tell the mother you are serious, and you would like her to call when she needs a break. You would be happy to run over and help out around the house for a little while.

When all else fails, and you are out of ideas for a baby shower gift, go back to the basics. Buying pink outfits for girls, and blue outfits for boys are always appreciated. Consider buying bigger than newborn so they are ready for the next phase of their baby’s life. They will probably be overwhelmed with newborn sized clothes, and nothing for a month or two down the road. No matter what you choose, it will be fine. Parents appreciate every act of kindness and assistance.

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