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Baby Shower Greetings – Choosing The Right Message

Are you giving a gift of money, a gift card, or maybe cannot make it to the baby shower? You need to buy a baby shower greetings card to relay your thoughts. Do you know what you wish to say?

The greetings card companies do a great job of giving us thousands of ways to say Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and for other major events, but it seems much more limiting when it comes to Baby Shower greetings.

The messages all seem to be some kind of cute little saying, but do not have any real meaning, or significance to this set of parents. You know the birth of this baby is much more important to the parents than any holiday or birthday. This could easily be the most important moment in their lives. You want the message to be perfect.

One suggestion you should consider, you can find many greeting cards which let you record your own voice. Choosing one of these cards will let you say a few words about your excitement and joy in sharing the birth of their new baby with them. Especially if you are unable to attend the baby shower, this type of personal baby shower greetings could be really special to the parents. Sometimes it is much easier to tell someone our thoughts than to write them down.

The other method you can use is buying a card which is completely blank on the inside. It will require a little more thought and effort on your part to come up with the message, but the parents will know it is from you, not some greeting card writer sitting across the ocean somewhere. Once again, you do not need to say anything fancy, just tell the parents in your own words how you feel about their joyous occasion.

If the couple is a little on the fun loving side, you may choose to opt for one of the baby greeting cards which includes music, a baby crying, or even the sounds of a child saying “The Baby is Poo Poo”. This can get a great laugh out of the parents, and may be a pleasant break from reading all of the serious greeting cards they have been receiving. You will need to judge the personality of your friends and decide if this is the right kind of card for them, or not.

The most traditional baby greeting cards with simple poems, words of hope, and other thoughtful statements are always appreciated, but make sure you take the time to add a few words of your own. The printed words in the card may never be read, but your own words will be. As they are hurrying to unwrap gifts and open cards, they often only take the time to look at the personal messages. Make sure your card is one with a heartfelt message you wish to share with the parents. The most important portion of any card is sharing from yourself, not just the words of the card makers.

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