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Best Baby Names – Do You Know the Best Names In History?

How would you judge the best baby names in history? Are they the names which have been used by the most successful actors and actresses? Are they the names of Presidents? What about the names from the Bible? Or, are they the most popular ones in history?

The best baby names are often the ones you find looking back through your own family. You may not want to repeat a name of a parent, but you can often find names of relatives two and three generations back which sound great, and keeps a legacy going in your family. Make sure it is from a relative everyone liked, not someone they all despised.

What you will discover as you start looking back through generations of names, the names of fifty years ago are almost the same names which are popular today. The most popular baby names seem to stay in style decade to decade.

A few examples would be Jacob, Michael, Thomas for boys, for girls names like Hannah, Mary, and Sarah have managed to stay at the top of the lists. If you examine the top 50 to 100 names from history you find name after name which has managed to stay on the list year after year.

Does this make them the right names for your child? Only if they are names you love and wish to call your child for the rest of your life. Sometimes it is more fun to come up with unique names for your little girl or boy. This can come from watching names in books, magazines, movies, and other places creative people write and create.

You can also come up with your own interesting baby names by varying spelling of popular names, combining parts of names, or looking through the lists to find names which spur your own imagination. Use a little caution to make sure your baby’s name is going to be fun, but not outrageous.

Think back into your own life. What names have you heard in school, church, in the office, or around town which made you think, “That is an interesting name.” You may want to try the name out as you imagine your baby and see how it feels to you.

Do not limit yourself as you start searching for the best baby names. Make it a big game and look around. You will be amazed at all the names you uncover. Look on sites like YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook to uncover many more interesting names you might consider. The world is filled with great names, and one of them is going to feel perfect to you.

The best baby names are not necessarily common, unique, or fit into any category. They are simply the names which make you feel good when you think about your baby. A name you will enjoy calling them for years. You might even want to test how it sounds yelling it at the top of your lungs following with no, No, NO, it is just a matter of months and those will be your favorite words. Let your adventure begin, that great name is right in front of you.

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