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Cute Baby – Is Your Baby Really the Cutest Baby in the World?

Have you ever noticed how every parent believes their infant is a cute baby, maybe the cutest baby in the world? You already know they must be wrong, because your baby is the cutest baby in the world, maybe in all of history.

A cute baby is not an accident of nature. It is the perfect plan of nature. It is a built in response every parent is going to have for their infant. Believing your baby is beautiful, special, and wonderful helps to guarantee the survival of your baby. You desperately want to care for the little baby, and protect them with your own life. This may be nature’s response and stimulus, but what parents really want is to have the world acknowledge they have a pretty baby.

One way almost every mother desires is to have the prettiest, cutest outfits possible. You know an outfit transforms a normal cute baby into that special cute baby everyone ooh’s and ah’s about. Every time you go in the department store to buy diapers or other essential item, you are drawn to the baby clothing department. You never know what new outfit may be on display, or even better, on sale.

If you are just an expectant parent, one quick word of advice. Go buy the best digital camera you can afford, get extra memory, and two sets of rechargeable batteries. This first year of your baby’s life is going to be constantly filled with “cute baby” moments. You will have the first Christmas, first Halloween, first Easter, and many other first time events for your baby. You will want to capture every one of these moments, or you will be kicking yourself later. The reason for two sets of rechargeable batteries? You always want a freshly charged set ready. It is not only the big events you want to capture, but those touching little moments at home when your cute baby starts showing their first smiles, is sleeping quietly, or maybe has fallen asleep on Daddy’s chest.

Make sure to use your camera’s video feature. Having movies showing your baby in action is very exciting to see in future years, and to share with family. There are all those exciting things your baby is learning to do. You will want to capture first laughs, rolling, crawling, and first attempts to walk. Photographs cannot tell the entire story.

Treasure every moment of this first year. You will be surprised how fast your cute baby goes from being a helpless little infant to a walking, crazy, rambunctious toddler. You will wonder how the time flew by so quickly. The good news, the cute baby is still hiding inside that crazy kid. Just go take a look at their sweet little faces when they fall asleep, you will be able to recapture the wonder you felt the first time you laid eyes on your baby. The miracle is still there, it is just growing, and getting better with each day.

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