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Expensive Baby Clothes – You Might Be Buying The Most Expensive Clothes Without Knowing It

Where would you expect to find the most expensive baby clothes? You probably expect to find them in specialty stores, baby boutiques, and other fancy clothing outlets. You might be surprised to find out they might be right in your super center.

There are two proper ways to define expensive. One is all about the initial purchase price of the clothing. The second way is all about the real cost of owning the clothes, which can be much different than the purchase price.

As a good example, walk into your local super store and choose a package of the cheapest baby t-shirts you can buy. You probably paid around $5 for a package of 3 to 5 shirts. Now, find the most expensive package of baby t-shirts you can find and buy a package. Most likely you paid about twice the price.

Your initial reaction is to say you overpaid for the second package. Now take them both out of the package and feel them. The more expensive package probably feels a little thicker, a little smoother, and a little softer. The real test would come over the next few weeks as you start using the t-shirts.

After a few washings you would need to compare the t-shirts again. The more expensive shirts are going to be smoother, thicker, still feeling and looking great. The cheap shirts are probably showing loose stitches and a little wear. The more expensive shirts likely look the same. The stitches are still solid and the shape is holding up great.

Now the real question you must ask yourself. If the t-shirts last two to three times longer and have kept their shape, then which purchase is actually the more expensive baby clothes.

There is an important point to the above example though. Buying higher priced clothes can be the much more expensive option, too. In the same manner, if you are going to buy a special dress for Easter or Christmas there is no doubt the more money you spend the more total cost you are going to have. These little baby outfits will be worn one time, so any comparison on cost over time is not going to work. Then the only real way to choose whether to buy the expensive baby clothes or to save money is on your own decision about budgets and style.

Expensive baby clothes can be a great bargain on items which will be worn over a longer period of time, but is always a higher cost when worn only a few times. You must be very careful when choosing to buy higher priced items, too. Just because the price is higher does not guarantee better materials. Many times it just means a special brand name and may be using the same fabrics as much cheaper clothes.

Choosing expensive baby clothes can be anywhere from your best bargain, or your budget killer. Make sure to check the clothes carefully and think through your options to make the best choice for you and your baby.

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