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Healthy Ways of Trying to Get Pregnant

Trying to get pregnant can sometimes be stressful and confusing, especially if you feel that you are already beyond the right or optimum age of conceiving. Aside from a woman’s age, there are also other factors to consider that can affect a woman’s ability to conceive like stress from work, an unhealthy diet, and a woman’s menstrual cycle. While these factors may hinder your ability to conceive, they are not impossible to avoid if you consider changing your lifestyle or monitoring your menstrual cycle monthly to bring that bundle of joy into your life. After all, making small sacrifices like limiting the intake of your favorite alcoholic drinks to get pregnant is always worthwhile once you get to hold your baby in your arms.

There are many ways of improving a woman’s chances of having a baby, and for married couples, frequent sex may boost their chances of conceiving. Having sex three times a week will help a woman cover her bases for ovulation, since most women do not ovulate on the day they think they will. Also, try to have sex before you ovulate since an egg cell can only survive within 24 hours after it was released. Since a man’s sperm cell can last up to 3 to 5 days, having sex 2 to 3 days before your ovulation period will increase your chances of conceiving. Another way of getting pregnant faster is through the use of an ovulation prediction kit or a fertility monitor. These tools that are readily available in any drug store will help you determine precisely if you have ovulated or not. While making charts to log your menstrual cycle will help you monitor your ovulation period, this process can be confusing and deceiving since you need to have a consistent 28-day cycle to be precise.

Trying to conceive is like what most athletes do before that important game: they prepare their body and undergo a healthy diet. Seeing your OBGYN regularly can help boost your chances of conceiving, since they can give recommendations on how to live healthy. Your OBGYN could recommend multivitamins that will help you prepare your body for conception. Also, have a healthy diet and live a healthy lifestyle. If you smoke and drink, try to limit these activities if you plan to have a baby. A regular exercise can also help and try to avoid too much stress at work as much as possible. Also, reading tips from the experts on how to have a baby will give you enough information on things to do and avoid while trying to get pregnant.

In adapting a healthy lifestyle, always try monitoring your diet intake. Aside from limiting cigarettes and alcohol intake, try also to curb your daily caffeine intake. An intake of 300 mgs caffeine per day won’t get in the way of trying to get pregnant. Too much caffeine, on the other hand, can slow the blood flow to the uterus, making it harder for the egg cell to grab hold. Aside from caffeine, there are also a number of foods to avoid while trying to have a baby. One thing to avoid are trans-fats found on most fast foods that clog the artery. Also In cooking your food, try using olive oils and canola oils that are considered unsaturated vegetable oils. For carb intake, choose whole grains since these have slower effects in insulin and blood sugar. In eating vegetables, eat the greens, yellows, and the reds. In other words, have a daily dose of vegetables.

Another thing to remember when trying to get pregnant is to maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight can affect ovulation. Also, try to exercise regularly by creating a daily exercise plan. And while doing this, try to avoid too much workouts. Too much exercise and workouts, especially if you already have a lean body, can also affect conception.

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