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Irish Baby Names – It Is Not All About the Blarney Stone

What names pop into your mind as you think about Irish men and women? Are you drawing a blank at the moment? Ireland is filled with great Irish baby names for your new baby boy or girl.

Many people assume Irish baby names are going to follow very closely to British names. Sometimes this is the case, but Ireland is a proud country of it’s own. A country filled with legends, myths, and great stories. Let us take a look at some of the great names out of Ireland for our babies.

In recent years the ten most popular names for boys has been: Sean, Jack, Adam, Conor, James, Daniel, Michael, Cian, David, and Dylan.

During this same time the ten most popular Irish baby names for girls were: Emma, Sarah, Aoife, Ciara, Katie, Sophie, Rachel, Amy, Chloe, and Leah.

Most of those names would sound very common in many English speaking countries, and for great reason. Many names are borrowed from the Bible, and the others have spread around the globe just as Irish men and women have.

A few more uncommon Irish baby names for girls would include: Niamh, Caoimhe, Roisin, and Aisling. These names are not very common in other parts or the world, but are in the top 30 names for baby girls in Ireland.

You can find a similar group of uncommon names among the boys: Darragh, Eoin, Oisin, Liam, and Ciarin. You are unlikely to find many Americans having these popular Irish names.

What should you do if you want to find more unique Irish baby names than these? Then you get to really start having some fun. Instead of digging through dry lists of baby names, it is time for you to go exploring.

Ireland is filled with a rich history or golfing legends, warriors, and mythical times. By studying and reading about the rich history of Ireland you will come across many unique and wonderful names. You can add them to the lists of common Irish baby names you have, creating your own special list to choose from.

Do not limit your search to history, but examine the names of Irish TV stars, musicians, and other celebrities. The Irish has a proud heritage of producing great talent, and there are many additional names you will find in your exploration.

You may even want to explore the names of Irish mythical creatures like: Abcan, Caoranach, Dabilla, Dullahan, Gancanagh, Jasconius, Merrow, or Selkie. These names of mythical creatures can easily be turned into beautiful names for a baby. One filled with Irish history.

Are you beginning to see how much fun your hunt for Irish baby names can be? It is a true adventure into discovering the history of this proud country. You will run across more unique and beautiful names than you can imagine, name of true legends. Let yout mind run wild, and have fun as you discover a name for your baby.

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