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Islamic Baby Names – Finding The Best Muslim Baby Names

Finding beautiful Islamic baby names can be a great adventure. There are so many beautiful sounding names, rich in history and meaning.

Here are a few names and their meaning, which you may wish to consider for your baby boy or girl.

You many want to consider one of these popular female Islamic baby names:

Nazaaha – Purity, Righteousness, Honesty – Some of the most prized traits of a Islamic girl are summed up within the meaning of this beautiful name.

Nadira – Rare, Precious – Exactly how you will feel about your little princess. She is going to be the most rare and precious treasure in your home.

Azhaar – Blossom, Flower – Your daughter is going to be the beautiful flower of your life. The place you look for the beauty in the world will be in her eyes.

Ahlam – Imaginative – She will delight you with new ideas, wonderful works of art, and a soaring spirit.

Malak – Angel – Your daughter will be an angel among you. She will bring you joy and blessings in every moment.

Safa – Purity – Your daughter will stand as the purest of women. She will carry great honor in your family and community.

Sameeha – Generous – Your daughter will be generous is increasing the love and blessings in your home.

A few popular male Islamic baby names you may enjoy include:

Baahir – Dazzling, Brilliant – This name will show how your son lights up your life. He will be the beautiful spirit which provides light in your home.

Imaad Udeen – Pillar of the Faith – Your son will stand as a proud carrier of the faith of Islam. He will be a leader of the faith.

Muhammad – Praised – Your son will become a praised and glorious person in this life, an inspiration to all around him.

Taymullah – Servant of God – Your son will stand in his rightful place as a true servant of God. He will bring you great pride and honor.

Shihab – Flame, Blazing – Your son will be a blazing light, a blazing fire in the night for all to see. He will draw people to him with the fire of his spirit.

Rashid – Rightly Guided – Your son will listen to your wise advice, and more importantly to the words of God. He will be guided to success and on the right path in life.

Rafee – Kind Friend – Just what you hope your son will be to you, your family, and all the community around him.

This is just a small sampling of the beautiful, and meaningful Islamic baby names. Islam is filled with beautiful, powerful names which are an honor to give to your children. Take time to choose your baby’s name to match your hopes and desires for their place in life. A name carries power, and your son or daughter will carry their name for life.

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