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Popular Baby Boy Names – The Amazing Consistency in Boys Names

Are you wanting to make sure your little baby boy has a name which is popular? You might be amazed to see how popular baby boy names have fared through the years.

Before we start talking about specific names, let us make sure we are on the same page. You may have a few names which come and go every year due to the sudden popularity of a celebrity, a TV show, or a book, but this is not what we are really looking for. You want your son to have a name which is popular today, and will be popular when he is 10, 15, 25, and even 40 years old. How many names can you think of with this kind of consistent popularity?

Here are four lists of popular baby boy names. These were the most popular names in 2009, 1975, 1940, and in 1910. Try to figure out which list belongs to which year.

John, James, William, Robert, and George

James, Robert, John, William, and Richard

Michael, Jason, Christopher, James, and David

Jacob, Ethan, Michael, Alexander, and William

Have you figured out which list goes with each year? It is pretty hard. They are actually in the proper date order starting with 1910 at the top of the list. You could shuffle these lists around and hardly make a difference. The amazing thing when you dig a little deeper, all of these names are on the top 50 list in every one of those years. Most of the time they are all within the top 10.

How can such a short list of names keep their popularity for an entire century? The names are simple, most of them having very common shortenings or nicknames. Most of them have Biblical ties, which helps to increase their popularity.

The other big factor is family history. These names are almost sure to be in your family tree, and perhaps belonged to a favorite grandfather, uncle, or even cousin. You think of the names in positive terms. The names also have important roles in the history of the USA and many other countries, having been the names of Kings, business leaders, actors, and presidents.

We are using this grouping of top 5 names just to illustrate a point. If you examine the top 100 popular baby boy names, you find almost the same consistency. Popular names have stood the test of time, and may shuffle around within the top 100 or 200 names, but they always make a come back. Some years a new name pops onto the scene making it into the top 100 only to disappear again next year.

Popular baby boy names are great choices when you want a name which grows with your son, stays popular throughout his life, and can be handed down through the family. Having a unique, unusual, or special name can be fun, but in 40 years everyone may be wondering where “that name” came from. Your son will love having a name which has stood the test of time.

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