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Reasons Baby Cry – 10 Reasons Your Baby May Be Crying

Whether you are an expectant parent or have already brought your bundle of joy home, you need to know the reasons baby cry. This allows you to stop the crying quicker, and restore a little silence to your home.

This list of 10 Reasons Baby Cry is far from complete, you will need to learn and add your own items to the list for your unique little baby. Let us get started with some of the most common reasons.

1. Hunger – Perhaps the most common reason a baby will cry is hunger. When your baby is hungry they will let you know, and keep demanding until you feed them.

2. Dirty Diaper – The second reason to check when your baby is crying is to look for a dirty or very wet diaper. A diaper filled with baby poo is irritating to the skin and will bring on protests very quickly.

3. Sleepy – When your baby gets tired they will whimper, fuss, and cry. All they really know is they are unhappy. Give them a moment of peace and they will be out.

4. Stomach Trouble – Gas in your baby’s stomach will lead to crying very quickly. Always re-burp your baby if they are fussy or crying. It may not be gas but an upset stomach, too.

5. Your Baby Is Cold – If your baby is cold they will feel uneasy. Make sure you keep a hat on them, warm clothes, and a swaddling blanket to keep them warm.

6. Your Baby is Hot – A baby who gets too hot is just as uneasy as a cold baby. While you need to wrap up your baby, do not overdo it. Keep in mind the temperature of the house.

7. Wants to Be Held – Your baby desires attention and closeness. If they begin to feel separation they will cry for attention and the desire to be held closely.

8. Teething – When your baby starts teething crying is the natural response. They may even run a low fever. Gently rubbing their gums or using a numbing compound safe for babies can work wonders.

9. Not Feeling Well – If your baby is coming down with an illness, even if it does not include a fever, they are likely to cry. Watch for symptoms and take them to the doctor if you are unsure.

10. Too Little or Too Much Stimulation – This is a real balancing act which varies with babies. One baby may crave seeing more and going all the time. The next baby is content to stay home and feel safe and in control. You will need to learn your baby’s personality and vary your routines to match.

None of these reasons baby cry are rocket science, they are simple common sense. The real magic is keeping these items in mind when your baby begins to cry instead of becoming upset yourself. Work down through the ideas, change what is happening, and soon your baby will quiet down.

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