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Southern Baby Names – No Southern Drawl Required For These Names

Do you live in the southern states? Maybe you just love the sounds of the names from the deep south. Southern baby names seem to roll off of the tongue a little differently, with a pleasant, beautiful style to their sound.

Sometimes it is not the name itself which is uniquely southern, but it could be the way the name is pronounced in the south which catches our attention, making the name sound special. The names seem to have a little more dignity and respect behind them.

What are some of the southern baby names you could select for your baby girls? Here is a list of names you might be interested in.

Cheyenne, Peaches, Georgia, Savannah, and Shelby are a few names you may run into commonly in the south. These names are used widely around the country and world. Would you like a few less common names?

Try these girls names for a little different sound. Alcee, Anjohnette, Blondene, Cordelia, Demetria, Eugenia, Felanda, Genia, and Hydrangea will get you started on exploring some of the other ideas.

As you can quickly see there are all styles of names with unique and interesting sounds for naming your baby. The list of southern baby names for girls runs into the hundreds you can explore.

What about names for boys? There are many great names for your baby boys, too. To start with we can go with some of the classics like, Dallas, Houston, Jed, Landon, Monroe, or Paxton. These names are used commonly by many people, but still are very unique compared to other names thrown around in other parts of the country.

For a little more uncommon southern baby names for boys you can try these: Angus, Bish, Delford, Estus, or Glenzie. Once again, the list of southern names runs into the hundreds you can choose from. You are sure to find names to fit your little baby boy with no trouble.

Are these names most commonly used today by people in the southern states or in other places? Many of these names have started dropping out of popular use which makes them even more special. Your little baby boy or girl can have a great sounding name with historical context, but which is not likely to be used by anyone else in their class. Having a unique sounding name can make your child feel very special.

One of the fun things with choosing southern baby names is taking a little time to look up the history of the name. The names can have interesting beginnings which you may wish to include as an entry in the baby book you put together for your little infant. Knowing the story behind their name can be very fun to show them when they are old enough to understand. If your child asks why you chose a southern name, just tell them you wanted them to be filled with the respect, grandeur, and the great manners of a southern lady or gentleman.

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