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Super Baby – The Super Human Powers of An Infant

Is your baby a super baby? Are they showing the signs of super human feats you never dreamed were possible? Every new parent discovers how powerful a baby truly is, here are the signs your baby is a true super hero.

The first sign of a super baby is the ability to clear a room with odor. You crack open the corner of their diaper and suddenly the room clears, your eyes start to water, and your baby just giggles. They have the ability to take breast milk or formula and transform it into a smell only a skunk could be proud of. Give your baby a gentle high five, they are on their way to being a truly special child.

Watch for this next sign of a super baby early on. The ability to change day into night, and night into day. You will be able to detect this power when you start seeing dark circles under your eyes during the daylight hours and your baby is sleeping quietly. In the middle of the darkness your baby will be wide awake and ready for attention. It is you who is confused. Your baby has taken their super hero powers and reversed reality, you may need to learn to adjust.

Having just those two signs does not guarantee your baby’s powers are complete. You must watch for this next sign for additional proof they are a super baby. This power can shake the house, rattle windows, and make you leap out of bed. It is the siren cry. You will know it instantly when you hear it. It is the loud, demanding, insistent cry letting the entire world know of their super powers. This super power will have you leaping from your chair, or out of your bed to serve to the needs of your super baby.

Not all super powers seem this negative. There is one power your baby will show you early and often. This power is the one which is earth shattering, life changing, and more dramatic than all the others combined. It is the power which enslaves you to their will, and forces you to answer their call. Once your baby has shown you they have developed this power, it is all over. You can then be 100% sure your baby is a super baby. What is this power? A baby’s smile. When that first smile breaks on to their face, you are now completely under their power. You have no escape.

Don’t worry too much about your capture. Your baby has more plans for you. They will be showing your their growing super powers over the coming months. You will discover how a super baby can make pureed peas disappear from a bowl and appear over massive areas of a kitchen. You will discover their magical powers of transporting toys from a box deep into the cushions of a chair without you ever being aware they had it their hands. The fun has just begun. Enjoy every moment with your little magical creature.

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