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Twin Baby Names – Some Thoughts To Consider While Choosing

Congratulations on the twins getting ready to enter into your life. Your life is probably already filling with stress as you try to get ready for the double adventure. Choosing your twin baby names is just one more part of your adventure.

One of the big temptations when choosing twin baby names is to have them rhyme or at least be similar. This is especially tempting if they are going to be identical twins. While it can be fun to name the twins in this way, it does have a few drawbacks too. When you call only one twin and the names sound the same, you will get both. Teachers, relatives, and friends can all become confused by the two similar sounding names. Even you may occasionally flip the names around if they are similar. If you are convinced it is what you wish to do, go ahead, just be aware of the possible issues.

Many times the ideal thing to do is select very different names for your baby twins. This allows them to develop their own identity, as if we could stop that.

Of course the first thing you must know about your twins before choosing names is what gender they both are. Sometimes this information is hard to get with twins. The ultrasound tech tries, but with two babies moving, twisting, and turning, sometimes one baby keeps their secret to themselves. In this case you need to make sure you have a set of names which include both genders.

The best way to choose twin baby names is to simply forget they are twins, and look at them as two different pregnancies. Just start creating a list of names from books, magazines, movies, family members, the Bible, and other places then start eliminating until you have a group of names you like. Then start narrowing it down to where you have two remaining names. See, you do have one advantage, parents only having one baby need to narrow it down to one name, you get to keep both of your favorite names.

Another fun way to come up with twin baby names is to have the father’s family create a list of fifty names, and you the mother’s family come up with fifty names. Then narrow each list down to a single name. This get the entire family involved. Of course, if they do not come up with any you like, just file the lists in the trash can.

If your family is not very large, consider allowing co-workers and friends to give you lists of names. You can play with splitting up the lists and see what you come up with. Instead of making the choice of twin baby names a chore, turn it into a game you can enjoy. By getting more people involved and having some fun, you will relieve stress, and probably come up with even better names. The adventure in choosing names continues with the fun of having your two babies joyfully entering your home in the near future.

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