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Unusual Baby Boy Names – Be Creative, Not Crazy

You hear about it all the time. The parent who suddenly decides to name their child Darth Vader, or Spike Dog, or some other weird name. Just because you have decided you would love to choose some unusual baby boy names to consider does not mean it is time to get crazy. Give your baby boy a name he is going to embrace and love as he grows.

Where can you find some unusual baby boy names to consider? One of the best places to start is by hunting down historical stories of heroes in many different cultures. The names of the heroic figures in these stories are often very unique and unusual, but carry a great story and meaning you can share with your son. Sometimes the names may sound a little old fashioned or out of style. Feel free to play with spellings and pronunciation to come up with a name you like.

While we are talking about heroic figures, do not stop with mythical stories or historical figures, seek out heroic people of today. It is amazing how often their names are unusual, a little different than the traditional names of the day. Once again this allows you to point out the power, a story, and inspiration behind your child’s name.

Many of us feel challenged being original and coming up with unique or unusual baby boy names. Luckily for us movie writers, and authors never seem to have this problem. When they create their fantastic tales, especially in mythical or science fiction stories, new names seem to be born at every turn. Do you have a favorite author of series of movies which is filled with interesting names? Try out some of these names as ideas, or use them as food for thought to create your own unique ideas.

Do you consider the Bible as only a place to get ordinary or common names like James, John, and Paul? Take a little deeper look in your Bible. It is filled with thousands of unique sounding names and variations you can consider for your baby boy. Even if you do not like one of the long winded names which are common, try breaking it down into pieces and seeing if parts of the long name can make a great new name.

One other group which always comes up with the most unusual ideas for names are scientists. Look at all the names of stars, chemicals, theories, and other scientific concepts. Many of these names can be abbreviated or modified to make very cool and unusual baby boy names, which still do not sound crazy or weird. The whole idea of coming up with unusual baby names is to start stretching your own imagination and looking in a wide variety of new places for ideas. You will be shocked at how many great ideas you can quickly come up with. Soon your son’s unique name my be the name being shouted out in victory.

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