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Unusual Baby Clothes – Your Baby Should Stand Out From the Crowd

Is your baby the same as all the others? No? Are you sure? If you baby is so different you should announce it to the world. A unique baby should have a few unusual baby clothes in their wardrobe to show off their own individuality.

What is your little rascal or sweetheart’s real personality? If your baby is a complete terror, keeping you awake at night, screaming out their demands at the top of their lungs, you might need to get them a bold black t-shirt with a skull and crossbones.

Is your little girl the singer of the family, and makes sure you hear every note she knows, and it sounds like the latest song from a shock rock band? Get her a cute little shirt which reads “I’m with the Band”.

Maybe the time your baby sets down the law is at dinner time. They chew up everything in sight, slobbering, drooling, and growling for more. An Ed Hardy King Dog bib would be the perfect choice to show off their dog eat dog attitude at the dinner table.

Sometimes those unusual baby clothes are not to show off your baby’s attitude, but a little bit about your own. Maybe there is a wild statement you want to make about your baby and it can only be done on a t-shirt. One of the classics is the t-shirt which proclaims “Eat, Poop, Repeat”. It is exactly what we believe our newborn babies do all the time.

The one t-shirt which will fit almost any baby once they have started crawling is the t-shirt with the built in name tag which reads – “My Name is NO-NO”. We can all understand the sentiment behind the t-shirt as we repeatedly tell our little tykes no.

Just when you think you are in charge of your baby is exactly when you will need to buy this t-shirt, “I may be small, but I’m the BOSS”, we all know it the real truth in our family anyways. When they cry we run. When they poo we clean. When they want to be held, we hold. We do not get to be the boss again until they are at least 3 years old.

Is your baby always hungry, and is always letting you know it in a loud clear voice? Grab the t-shirt emblazoned with the sign which announces to the world, “I Cry For Food”.

Unusual baby clothes can take another fun twist, too. Instead of buying normal looking clothes choose little sleep outfits and play clothes which transform our playful little spirits into puppy dogs, bunny rabbits, duckies, and other cute little critters.

The only important thing about unusual baby clothes is to have fun and create memories. The time our babies are small is very short. Soon they are choosing their own crazy styles and their clothes are completely out of our control. Create those fun memories today, the ones which will drive them crazy when they are teenagers.

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