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Unusual Baby Girl Names – Keep The Names Unique, Not Weird

As you are struggling and searching to come up with some unusual baby girl names you need to exercise a little caution. How often have you heard some odd, strange, or weird name uttered by a celebrity or even someone in your community for the name of their new child. It is a name which is going to be considered strange throughout their life.

Obviously, some children thrive with strange names, and use it to their advantage to stand out and be recognized. Other kids become timid and feel teased all the time about their names. This second group is the one you need to worry about your child falling into. It takes highly supportive parents taking the time to teach their children the love of being unique to have their children move into the first group.

We are done with the warnings, let us take a look at some fun ways to come up with unusual baby names, ways you can have fun playing to discover new names.

One fun way to come up with unusual baby names is to consider names from wildly different cultures. When you start exploring names from China, India, or any other countries with unique languages you will find many great names which are very uncommon in your community. Many of these names sound great, or can be slightly modified to become even more special.

Another fun place to look for unique names is in the heavens. Grab a book of star names and start browsing. Many stars and galaxies have unique, beautiful sounding names which would make unusual baby girl names which sound beautiful. The great thing about this idea is you can then show them where in the sky their name comes from. You can tell them they are the shining star of your life.

An additional way to come up with unique names for your baby girl is by taking parts of one name and combining it with parts of other names. This idea is what has led to many great names which today have become more common and loved. You can use this idea by looking through baby name books, Biblical names, or names from around the world.

Have you noticed how science fiction, fantasy movies and books seem to be filled with clever names for the creatures the writers create? This is a fun place to start looking for name ideas for you baby. Start rolling down through the female creatures in the movie or book and looking at all their names. You will quickly start coming up with a list of very interesting names which you can use, or recombine to make you own.

Unusual baby girl names are not hard to come up with, it just takes a little time and effort on your part. You can create a name which is unique, beautiful, but not weird sounding. The story of how your baby’s name was created needs to be recorded so you can share the story with them as they grow. The adventure of creating a name for your baby can be great fun.

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